Every single one of us has a handful of true life-altering experiences – a death, marriage, trauma, finding true love or holding your newborn for the first time. When your life flashes before your eyes, these moments are sure to crop up for they shape us, alter us and can permanently set us on a new course or direction.

One of these moments happened to my entire family.

You see, exactly six months ago today, my husband Darin was blessed to receive a full liver transplant.

The first image was taken in the hospital reception area right before Darin was admitted into hospital (at that point all we knew was there was a potential liver available, but we did not know if it was a match or if the operation would occur). The second image was taken in the same spot before his checkup earlier this week, almost exactly six months from the date that the transplant took place.

It’s amazing as sometimes when you are in the midst of the storm you can not see it’s depth, however, in looking at the before and after images, I can now certainly appreciate just how close we all were to a potentially devastating outcome.

We thank our family and friends for their love and support during this journey, we truly would have been lost without all of you.

And a very special thank you to the donor family who made such a selfless decision during their own time of sadness and crisis, a time of your very own life-altering moment. You could have chosen for that moment to be the closure of a painful chapter for you; but instead, your generosity opened up chapters for six strangers, each of whom were quickly running out of pages in their own story timeline.

Our family has thanked yours every single day for the last six months and we will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

We entrepreneurs, but more general as people we have the ability to do so many wonderful things that can have profound and a life-long impact on each other.


PS – In case you are wondering about the image.   Our son had to draw three things, and three things only, for which he is grateful. They are family, friends and his dad’s new liver.  A transplant is not only providing nourishment to one individual; it is like watering an entire garden and nourishing everyone around the recipient as well.

“One single candle can light one hundred with out ever dimming it’s own flame.” – Unknown

You’re awesome.  I know you are.  Please go out there and shine!