Your ‘gut’ is the space where your heart meets your head.

As women we have strong instincts, but we often second guess ourselves, especially when it comes to making business decisions.

Before you decide to act, but also, before you make the decision today to follow status quo and do what you have always done, take a step back.

 Take a moment that in entirely focussed on your gut and what it is telling you.

Proceed with caution?
You’re on the right track?
You’re being complacent and not progressing because of fear or familiarity?

This week I have worked with many women where the latter issue is plaguing them.

There is so much fear of the ‘unknown’ that they become stagnant.

Let me ask you this, if someone had to describe you, is ‘stagnant’ the word you would like them to use?

I believe your intuition is like a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Today, take some time to flex your intuition muscles!

“Follow your instincts.  That’s where true wisdom manifests itself” – Oprah

You’re awesome.  I know you are.  Please go out there and shine!