Let’s call a spade a spade:  Your inner critic is a jack-ass of a roommate that lives in your head rent free.  It spews negativity and resentment while absorbing your confidence and self-esteem.

Great roommate huh?

But here’s the thing, we act like it has to be this way, but it’s all merely an illusion.

What if we all chose today as a day of new beginnings.

  1. Ask yourself if you would use your inner critic’s stabbing words on your friends. What would it do to a small child if you spoke to them this way?


  2. Recognize five things about yourself, things that make you unique and awesome, and write it out on a piece of paper or on your phone. Don’t procrastinate with this, as this is exactly what your inner critic wants, for you not to recognize your worth.

Even better I am personally challenging you today. In the comment section, share at least three of the five things that make you awesome!  This is a sure-fire way to take deliberate steps in the right direction.

Remember life is precious and beautiful and quirky but also …. life is short. 

It takes the same amount of energy to put yourself down as it does to raise yourself up.


“Pay no attention to what the critics say. A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.” ― Jean Sibelius


You’re awesome.  I know you are.  Please go out there and shine!