I’m the queen of corny jokes. They make me laugh and groan at the same time. And, not only do I enjoy them, but I’m known to deliberately inflict them onto unsuspecting people attending my business events.

I can hear you begging me for an example. Well, I aim to please!

Q: Why did the coffee pot have no coffee?
A: Because it was mugged!

This coffee joke made me laugh but it also made me reflect on life as a business owner.

As entrepreneurs, at some point we’ve all felt that our time and our wallets have been this coffee pot – other people are continuously accessing and draining it. And sometimes, you can’t even see the end of the line for those waiting to get in on the action!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


  1. Networking without investing in any follow up: I need to ask why are you there are you’re not going to do the work required afterward? And for the record, by ‘work’ I don’t mean slapping everyone on to your email distribution list… yep, it still happens.
  2. Business coffee dates with no objectives or strategies: have a game plan about what you want to discuss and achieve and then ensure you reach your targets.
  3. Trying to do everything yourself: You will save a dollar at the expense of $10, if not more … it’s a quick way to go broke.
  4. Poor judgment: Purchasing courses or business memberships that you won’t use or that won’t serve you well.
  5. Fancy-smancy everything: Branding is extremely important, but you likely don’t need a Cadillac when a Chevy would do.
  6. Being disorganized: It’s estimated that the average North American wastes 40-60 hours each year looking for misplaced items and billions of dollars are spent each year replacing these lost things.
  7. Saying ‘yes’ when your gut told you to say ‘no’: No explanation is needed.

Each one of these can quickly drain you. But wait – what if you made the steadfast decision to own a different role?

What if you are not meant to take on the role of the coffee pot? You’re the coffee machine! This means you have control of the outcome. The pot is refillable whenever you decide. You also have the ultimate control to say, ‘fill your cup’, ‘come back later’ or even ‘we’re closed, find another pot to take from’.

It’s important to give, but it’s equally important to save resources for yourself and your business.

Remember, it’s YOUR time and YOUR resources, don’t let others claim stake to it.

You’re awesome. I know you are. Please go out there and shine,