What do these three pictures have in common? We’ve got a mullet, at least nine children jammed into a station wagon, and I’m not even sure what’s going on in the middle picture.

But there IS a theme.

These images are prime examples of mainstream ideas that have without a doubt run their course (although some people in the deep down South would argue about the mullet… and the station wagon). We laugh because we recognize how dated these images are, but they are also a great reminder for our own businesses.

How many people are viewing your business in the exact same way?

Reality check: a great idea that has become stale is now a bad idea.

Take five minutes to do a simple check:

1. Do you have old systems that can be improved?
2. Is your marketing based on a demographic that you can’t, or you no longer serve (in our Mastermind program I ensure members always review their CURRENT target market).
3. In a world of being ‘online’ what is your social media truly saying about you and your business?
4. Are you trying to convince us to buy into an idea that died a long time ago?
5. Does your marketing scream ‘ewwwww’?

Conduct an audit of your business to ensure it’s fresh, authentic and relevant, it’s just a smart thing to do.

You’re awesome. I know you are. Please go out there and shine,


P.S. I have two bonuses for you.

1. Here’s the link to the work-out video where she says, ‘Um Chicka Umm Chicka Umm Chicka, Yah!’



2. In case you’ve been dying to know what I look like with a mullet, here you go!