I am delighted to say that I AM CERTIFIABLY UNEMPLOYABLE.

I’d rather work twice as hard and earn half as much for my own business than to work for anyone else. But I also know that earning ‘half as much’ is only short-term if I play my hand well: the sky is truly my limit.

The question I often hear is ‘but how do I play my hand well?’. My answer lies in your creation of safety nets. ‘YES’ EVEN AS ENTREPRENEURS YOU CAN HAVE SAFETY NETS!

Entrepreneur Safety Net Creation 101

1. Be known as capable, honest and sincere. Your ultimate brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. If you got to be a fly on the wall, what would you hear said about you and how well you do it?

2. Have a team that will catch you if you fall. Surround yourself with your very own Board of Directors. Our BusiWomen Mastermind Program keenly focuses on guidance and objectivity so that you are forced to propel forward.

3. Plan, plan, plan. Imagine if the two ladies in this image were not strategic and one leaped when the other wasn’t ready to catch. It’s the exact same thing with your business; you need to leap to move forward, but don’t be haphazard or dumb about it.

4. Have a cheering squad. I think of these ladies as performing for an audience who will cheer them on when they succeed. Who are your cheerleaders? You need to have a tribe and then ensure that you look after your tribe well.

5. Become the expert. Continuously grow and refine your skills. The most successful entrepreneurs read one business book a week; do you truly believe that they are less busy than you? Again, if we look back at this image, what would happen if this duo said ‘we know how to do it, so we’re no longer going to practice’? Work hard at becoming the expert and then continuously fight to maintain your status.

Be strategic with your work but even more in developing safety nets to support you as you leap forward.

You’re awesome. I know you are. Please go out there and shine,