Let me start by saying I’m not that perfect, or that sane mom.

You see at our home when one of our kids lose a baby tooth, there are THREE different fairies that can come to collect it.

1. The well known ‘Tooth Fairy’ who provides money.

2. The ‘Oral Hygiene Fairy’ who brings dental floss, toothbrushes and a myriad of plaque removing devices. But this fairy is STILL better than the final one…

3. The dreaded ‘Vegetable Fairy’ who leaves food good for you.

Why do we have three fairies instead of one?

1. Our kids never know what is coming their way, it keeps them guessing.

2. They are wayyy more appreciative when the Tooth Fairy or even the Oral Hygiene fairy visits!

3. Please re-read the first sentence that I wrote.

There is a definite pecking order of who they want. For some reason they’d prefer money, then a new toothbrush and only then a pod of garlic…. who would have guessed??!?

Our children have something in common with consumers, in that they have a preference of who they would prefer to deal with.


Do they see you as the beloved ‘Tooth Fairy’ where there’s enjoyment in having a transaction with you? Are you the mediocre ‘Oral Hygiene Fairy’ where it’s not the worse that can happen, but it’s not as good as it can be? Or are you the dreaded ‘Vegetable Fairy’ where they get something they don’t really want and would leave you in a drop of a hat if they could?


– Offer what they want and do it exceptionally well.

– Listen to their feedback and their needs while being consistent, friendly and courteous.

– Respond to their messages promptly, even if it’s, “I received it and will be working on a solution for you”.

Thankfully in our house when the Vegetable Fairy visits, not long after, one of the other two fairies will show up with a better offer.

Your clients have the same privilege…IT’S CALLED YOUR COMPETITION.

Ensure each transaction your client has with you is an enjoyable experience. Be their Tooth Fairy where there is no one better than you. And if you’re seen as the Vegetable Fairy, know that just like garlic, your client thinks you stink and they are desperately waiting for your competitor to come knocking on their door!

You’re awesome. I know you are. Please go out there and shine,