There are two ways to run a business: the easy way or the profitable way. But what if there is a place where these collide, and the easier way becomes the profitable way?

Welcome to the BusiWomen Mastermind Program

Sometimes it’s a knowledgable mentor and a cheering tribe that makes all of the difference.
Our mastermind program is the strategic collaboration of like-minded women who want to build their businesses while they grow their business community. We come together in small groups for monthly brainstorming and business development, but we also join forces as well as a full mastermind community.   This means you build business relationships with your mastermind group but as well as with the broader community. There is always sharing of resources, information and even internal business transactions that occur. Through specific guidelines, formal facilitation and step-by-step processes, this connected entrepreneurial community works together to leverage the power of synergy.
Since 2007, I have personally guided hundreds of women entrepreneurs with their strategies, goals, and business models.
Together we have pushed hard, shared tears, and celebrated many, many victories.
Sometimes women entrepreneurs can be so hard on themselves. It’s often not a lack of drive that is causing you to stall, it’s that you are being pulled 100 different ways. This makes it so tricky to figure out the best course of action to invest your time and money wisely. And the thing is far too often women entrepreneurs burn out because they are not even aware that they are running on the hamster wheel.

Well, we’re not only going to help you jump off that wheel, but also ensure that you land on the road to success!

Our mastermind program has been build with women entrepreneurs in mind.  There is a keen focus on business development, sharing of ideas, accountability partnerships, and fostering true business connections.
The program quickly turns into your connecting hub for like-minded women who understand your challenges, are working on the same strategies, and who can ground you so that you don’t fall into the abyss that can swirl around entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs have so much to share. Our system creates a platform where you can thrive, learn, discover, and succeed.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then let’s set up a time to chat!

You have me in your corner. You have an ENTIRE team in your corner. We are here to help you create the best version of yourself and of your business.

How does the BusiWomen Mastermind Program work?

Our Mastermind is all about you and your needs. We accept applications from women entrepreneurs in any stage of their businesses who are looking for a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’. Once your application is approved, you’ll be placed in a Mastermind with women who are in a similar phase in their businesses, so that you can have the best opportunity to learn what matters most to you.

Ensuring we bring the right women to the table is absolutely paramount. You will be interviewed to ensure the mastermind is the right fit for you, and to ensure you are the right fit for the program.

You see, we are not looking for you to pay for something that isn’t going to serve you well; we believe if we are teaching you about how to make sound investment decisions that we need to ensure that BusiWomen is a sound investment decision!

Testimonials, referrals and success stories from our members drive new members into our program and this would not happen if participants were dissatisfied.

The BusiWomen Mastermind is not about filling spaces or people jumping in and out for a quick fix. With over 400 sessions under our belt, there is one thing I know is true: business is all about building a community that is grounded in a long-term mindset.

Some of our members have been in our program for five consecutive years… or even longer!

We grow with you and, just like a school; with every grade there is a new opportunity and new development.

We’re not looking for the ‘Debbie-downers’, or the people who want to hard sell and treat you like a dollar sign. If this sounds anything like you, we’re sorry to say that you’ve landed in the wrong space.

Are you an innovator, a driver, a woman who will look at a challenge as an opportunity? Are you wanting to achieve success, but are lacking guidance, knowledge or resources?

Our program is for women who can see constructive opinions as a means to grow, where a short-term sale never interferes with a long-term relationship.

If you have an understanding that lighting someone else’s candle does not diminsh your own, that proper guidance can shorten your learning curve, and that connections truly are currency, then you’ve found your home.

You deserve your chance to have your big game in the world. The Mastermind program is here to provide you with guidance and a safety net so you can reach for it.

What does Our Mastermind Program Involve?

Build Your Business

Build Your Confidence

Build Your Community

Build Your Business
    • A small group mastermind session to hone specifically on your business growth and objectives.
    • Professional facilitation and guidance by Karen.
    • Member discounts.
    • Marketing tools to enhance the reach of your business and create winning systems.
    • Standardized business forms.
    • Special offers exclusive to members to promote your business through various streams.
    • Create future successes: Develop your roadmap and trajectory.
    • Learn and implement proper business systems:

Work smarter, not harder

Build Your Confidence
  • Accountability and problem-solving solutions.

  • Business and presentation critiquing specific to you.

  • A Board of Directors who has a responsibility to be dedicated to the best interest of your business.

Build Your Community
  • Training sessions with all mastermind members as a super-collective for sharing ideas, resources and building of community.
  • An offline community where you can have face-to-face meetings, benefit from the energy and excitement in the room, and where we support you to remain on-task, accountable, and focused.
  • A flourishing on-line community to ask quick questions, share information, and stay connected.
  • You belong to a select community of brilliant women all from the same city. Once we reach 100 members, we maintain our group and mastermind, but close down to new membership.
  • Belong to an in-person community: Connect, refer and develop friendships with like-minded women within your own neighbourhood and community.
  • Protect your two biggest returns on investment: Guide your time and money so you can invest in what truly matters to you.
  • Enjoy freedom: increase your confidence, shed limiting beliefs, and expand your comfort zone in a safe environment. This allows you to be happy in your business and personal life.

Sometimes the moment that changes everything is the moment you recognize you were never meant to do it alone.

Join our Community today!

I hope this is coming to you at the right time. I look forward go going on this journey together. Let’s get started by setting up a time to connect.

Karen Baring

“The perfect platform to give us the tools to rise up”

Being part of the Mastermind has helped me bring my business to another level. Not only have I defined my goals more clearly, but I am surrounded by exceptional business women that inspire me and push me to do better and reach higher.

Karen has provided the perfect platform to give us the tools to rise up and conquer everyday challenges we face when being an entrepreneur. –Audrey Milford

“My mastermind group to be superheroes”

I definitely consider the women in my mastermind group to be superheroes. I have nothing but great admiration and respect for them! Karen Swyszcz

“There is no other place that I know of where you will get the support you need”

The Mastermind is a great way to grow your new business. You have a group of women who are very supportive and have awesome ideas for helping your business. I was a little intimidated at first but just love it. I have grown exponentially, and my confidence has soared. There is no other place that I know of where you will get the support you need from the experience they bring to the table. You learn a lot from each other. There are no hidden agendas. The other members want to succeed, and they want you to succeed as well. – Lynne Flory

“NOT just want to meet people for personal gain”

I love having like-minded people want to help others with their business, NOT just want to meet people for personal gain. Love your group of women!! Lorna McKenzie Pasinato

“Support each other’s dreams”

I am so happy to be a part of a community filled with hard working women who support each other’s dreams! I feel stronger being a part of this. – Heba Ahmed Malki

“Holds that power”

The minute you walk in a room and get the undivided attention of the audience, you know that you hold power. Karen Baring definitely holds that power. I have been in her Mastermind for over 6 years and she never fails. She exudes confidence while she helps professionals succeed in both their personal and professional life. I encourage everyone to see her action. – Anita Horner

“Inspiration I get from the group every time we meet!”

It’s great to be in a room full of passionate business women. I love the energy and support it creates in the community and the inspiration I get from the group every time we meet! – Kris Victoria

“I leave feeling energetic and inspired”

I’ve been a member now for the last 3 years and have been so grateful to surround myself with other passionate entrepreneurs. I leave feeling energetic and inspired, ready to take my business to the next level, again and again. Thank you for all that you do, Karen. – Lee-Ann Boers

“The best investment in my personal growth and development”

Karen’s Mastermind Sessions always leave me feeling inspired and pumped up to tackle my next business challenge. The work I put in with this group of supportive women has been the best investment in my personal growth and development as a business leader. Dianna Bradbury

“Sharing tip and tricks”

I just love this group. Everyone is wonderful at sharing tip and tricks about what they have done in their business and it worked for them… even a few things about what not to do in business. I always leave the meeting feeling like I’m on top of the world. – Linda Leo

“Such a great resource”

The form that Karen has created for mastermind members is one of my most valuable resources. I have been able to drill down and really identify growth opportunities. Some of the questions are so specific they open my mind to opportunities and solutions I may not have arrived at myself. Such a great resource. Monica Graves

“High repeat rate in her mastermind groups”

Karen’s knowledge of business building and how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of true success leads to a high repeat rate in her mastermind groups. Members enthusiastically share stories of their journeys and how instrumental she has been in their success.

Her approach is direct in an understated way and her ability to elevate your game is apparent the first time you meet her. She always strives to bring her A game and if you are open to the challenge then she will inspire you to be the best you can be! Debbie MacAskill