As the Founder of the BusiWomen, my passion is creating a community of value.

Sometimes it’s not about connecting with women on the other side of the world. It’s simply about sharing a coffee and a laugh with the women right in your own city and community.

Our goal is to help you build a network where you can ask for advice, attend the same events, become a sphere of influence in each other’s businesses, and develop a real business relationship.

Some of the connections that have been established in BusiWomen have sparked lifelong friendships, business advocates, and supporters.

At the end of the day, people use online communities to build what they crave most: in-person, offline communities.

In this ever-increasing time of isolating ‘social’ media, we have seen it time and time again: women want to connect with other professionals. BusiWomen Networking is where you can exchange laughter and energy and where you can have an ‘in person’ community to call your own.

Our events for women entrepreneurs are one of the best attended in the entire Hamilton/Greater Toronto Area.

What makes our networking meetings so special? We focus on treating you the way we want to be treated.

We know the value of your time. We strategize and plan each meeting not from our point of view but from yours… if we were in your shoes, would we want to come back?

We are going to arm you with connections, resources, and information so that you can walk away with more than you walked in with. It is our personal commitment to each and every woman that attends our events.

If WE expect nothing short of an amazing morning, we know YOU do as well!

We have checks and balances in place to ensure you are walking away with:

Real connections with real people who work and live in your community.

Strong facilitation and guidance. Expect more than people passing you their business cards.

Solid attendance at each meeting (between 35 – 60 at each event).

A formal business component to ensure you leave armed with resources and opportunities.

Vibrant, like-minded women entrepreneurs.

As someone who understands the importance of building and maintaining a thriving community, I know without a doubt that each and every woman in the room deserves the opportunity to shine.

Our job is to provide you with that platform. Your job is to shine.

“The best-facilitated networking event I’ve ever attended”

The best-facilitated networking event I’ve ever attended. Karen, you’re a fantastic host and facilitator – the time flew by! I enjoyed meeting everyone and would highly recommend this group to every female entrepreneur in Milton, Mississauga, Oakville. Pauline Thomas

“Not even once felt like a newcomer”

Loved meeting with ladies with such positive energy. Not even once felt like a newcomer to the group. Will definitely keep coming and connecting with such dynamic and fun ladies. Asiya

“This meetup was priceless”

I totally enjoyed meeting positive, smart, and creative women. This meetup was priceless. Looking forward to the next session.  Simone Dennis

“Event was very inspirational”

I love every one of the meetings and networking with everyone. The event was very inspirational. Thank you Karen! Ana Mendez

“This information is unbelievable”

Great meeting! Thanks for organizing this Karen – this information is unbelievable for working your business!. – Arlene Alkema

“One of the best events”

I attended my second BusiWomen networking event this past week and it was one of the best events I have been to in a while. Karen, you do a wonderful job of sharing valuable information and encouraging everyone to get out of their comfort zone! Thank you! Looking forward to next month. – Somer Deschambault-Page

“Was inspired to be better, try harder at my business”

Karen, this was a fantastic event, women entrepreneurs with amazing spirits and encouragement for others. Who would have thought I would be here less than a year later. I was inspired to be better, try harder at my business for success. Thanks Karen. – Marian Nicholas

“Motivated by all these fantastic women”

I love this meetup group, I am motivated by all these fantastic women. I love to see positive women doing their own business. Thank you, ladies, you all inspire me to be my best. – Dr. Celeste London N.M.D

“Dedication to learning and then teaching others”

Who reads over 100 business books in 15 months and takes notes on each of them? … Karen Baring does!! She is dedicated to constant growth and improvement of her already amazing skills… and then she shares her knowledge with us! Thank- you Karen. Meghan Felice

“Not only enlightening but also, just plain fun”

Karen’s BusiWomen is a wonderful way to connect with women in business that you normally would not have the opportunity to “meet”. The monthly Meet and Greets are not only enlightening but also, just plain fun. Shelley Kerr

“Great model for women entrepreneurs to learn, network and socialize”

I have the privilege of being part of Karen’s BusiWomen Networking group. She has created a great model for women entrepreneurs to learn, network and socialize.
Karen is well organized, personable and knowledgeable in the small business marketing area. Sharon Loaring

“True friendships being built”

Great knowing you have an amazing group of women supporting you and your business!!! True friendships being built. Donna Smith

“Have also found several services that I’m in need of”

Excellent group of dynamic women and the events are the perfect place to expand my connections and grow my nutrition business! I have also found several services that I’m in need of – a great way to support each other! Suzanne F