Being an entrepreneur is reaping the benefits without selling your life away. I’m a wife (we are ‘Karen’ and ‘Darin’) and a mom of two young children. I wear many, many hats, as I’m sure is the same for you.

But then life got a bit more complicated. You see, my husband was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease when our children were six and eight years old. His health deteriorated slowly at first, but by the last half of 2017 came a sudden and drastic decline. Not only did he have to stop working, but in November 2017 he had a full liver transplant.

I needed very much to step away from my business to support my family. Although it was a challenging time, I was also very blessed. I was able to take a step back because I had solid systems in place.

From September 2017 to March 2018, despite this drastic health scare, my business did not decline; in fact, we held a 47% growth.

I, too, have been in the business trenches. I’ve counted my quarters, burned the midnight oil, and juggled to exhaustion.

But I also learned from, and even developed, many tools, systems, and strategies along the way to make a business proficient and profitable.

As a professional business mentor, facilitator and keynote speaker, I focus on empowering women to move strategically, empower themselves, and create their own streams of income.

Each one of us has dreams, we want to live without a glass ceiling, take vacations without being on a budget and truly enjoy spending time with loved ones.

What if we can work together and figure out a stream of income to counterbalance each stream of debt that comes at you? Where you can build a strong foundation so that you can build your business?. Let’s take that business hamster wheel and burn it!

My goal is to provide you with the systems so that you can flourish.

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“Karen’s insights and guidance have been invaluable”

Karen Baring’s approach to business coaching is straight forward, honest and has been extremely beneficial to our company.  If you are willing to do the work you will experience results.  Karen’s insights and guidance have been invaluable to HouseLife Services. We have a focus we never had before, we understand our client better than we did before and we are seeing the bookings come in!.  Heather Johnson

“Karen gives the perfect combination of tough love and valuable insight”

When it comes to consulting, Karen gives the perfect combination of tough love and valuable insight. She set me up for success in launching my first workshop. This workshop has then turned into a recurring event due to high demand.  Karen Swyszcz

“Incredible business sense, and I love her willingness to share that with other small business owners”

Karen has incredible business sense, and I love her willingness to share that with other small business owners.
She has created an amazing community of business owners who are dedicated to building relationships and learning together, and it’s Karen who sets the tone for all who follow.
She gives women the opportunity to learn all facets of business and find new ways to increase their sales. I can say without a doubt that my business has benefited immensely from being involved with Karen and Busiwomen. I’m so impressed by what she has created. Sarah Turl

“Epitome of a leader”

Karen is the epitome of a leader.  She inspires women to shine and break through barriers that hold them back from their full potential by identifying those barriers and holding them accountable in moving around them.  Barb Sotos

“Nothing short of a miracle worker”

Three years ago my business was close to, at best two months away, from closing.  Karen was nothing short of a miracle worker, her ideas were brilliant, practical and cost-effective.  She didn’t just give me ideas, she walked with me through development and implementing.

My business now has strong footing. But what I respect the most is that she continues to check in with me, this goes way beyond a simple monetary transaction. Every business would do well from investing in Karen’s skills. – Christina Edwards

“Karen is a dedicated, passionate coach and mentor”

Karen is a dedicated, passionate coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs. She builds deep relationships with the women in her groups and is always there with sound suggestions and business advice on how they can strive for more, reach further & live more successfully.

Quick on her feet and always aware of what’s going on she proactively offers advice on the fly. Her keen intellect and confidence in her value proposition has led to her being thoroughly respected by thousands of women in the Busiwomen network.

Her approach is direct in an understated way and her ability to elevate your game is apparent the first time you meet her. She always strives to bring her A game and if you are open to the challenge then she will she inspire you to be the best you can be! – Debbie Macaskill

“I ensure I continue to grow”

You are either growing or declining. With Karen’s support, dedication and expertise, I ensure I continue to grow myself and my business.   – Sam Brabender

“Superior facilitation skill”

Excellent group and superior facilitation skills.  – Leanor Jollie

“Holds that power”

The minute you walk in a room and get the undivided attention of the audience, you know that you hold power.  Karen Baring definitely holds that power.  I have been in her Mastermind for over 6 years and she never fails.  She exudes confidence while she helps professionals succeed in both their personal and professional life.  I encourage everyone to see her in action. – Anita Horner

“Customized mentoring has been fundamental to the growth of my business”

I can not say enough about Karen Baring. She is a dynamic leader and coach and strategist. Karen’s customized mentoring has been fundamental to the growth of my business. Her focus on accountability, results and unwavering guidance helped us to leverage our strengths, build our reputation and increase networking referrals. She brings a wealth of knowledge, tangible solutions and strategic planning specific to your business needs, there is no cookie cutter approach used!! We feel very fortunate to have had Karen’s guidance and coaching and we continue to receive advice from her.

Karen is a brilliant businesswoman, very savvy and creative and will go to bat for you. If you are looking to grow your business or connect with over 800 women she is the woman to talk to. Karen thank you for all you don in the community, the giving back and the support. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAREN BARING AND HER GROUP OF BUSIWOMEN! – Heba Malki

“Always has your best interest in mind”

Working with Karen was a pleasure! She makes the most out of your time together, helps you come up with creative solutions, and isn’t afraid to push you to propel you forward.
She always has your best interest in mind and makes herself available even when she’s busy with her own projects! – Stephenie Farrell